Very pleased with the service, if there is something wrong they will return and make it right. I have been with Great Lakes for 4 – 5 years so we are satisfied.

Thanks a lot.

Fran R.

The service is excellent and my lawn looks amazing every season. Anytime I have called into the office with any questions or concerns about the grass, they always make sure I’m looked after. Thank you Blair and Great Lakes!

Maisie C.

Excellent service! Great Lakes is attentive, responsive, great communication skills and they listen. They came back to my property on several occasions to re-spray for mosquitoes, weeds. My lawn is thick and green, all my neighbours comment on how great it looks.

Marion B.

Thanks for the excellent service your company has provided me. After procrastinating about whether or not to sign up for your lawn care package I now realize that I should have done so years ago. I now have an actual lawn and it is improving every season!!

Martin B.

I have been a customer for almost 10 years. I am impressed with Great Lakes Lawn Care’s professionalism, expertise and prompt response to questions. Thanks for making my lawn look great!

Michelle L.

Great Lakes is by far the best lawn company I have ever had. Their attention to my lawn and the friendly staff is a breath of fresh air in the lawn care industry.
I will be with them as my lawn care provider for many years to come.

Barry M.

I have been a customer of Great Lakes Lawn Care since the late 1980’s, and have always been impressed with their professional, courteous service. Lawn care and follow-up give my yard optimum nutrients and weed control. I would highly recommend Great Lakes to others.

Ann T.